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I founded Children Evolving in 1996, to continue the work of my mentor, Dr. Annemarie Roeper. The AMRoeper Method of Qualitative Assessment (QA) is a relational, experiential, respectful approach to assessment that facilitates a deeper understanding of children and, thus, nurtures them in being more fully who they are.

Gifted children typically have valuable strengths such as advanced abstract reasoning, creativity, problem-solving abilities, empathy and compassion; attributes I see as vital for the future of humanity.  Unfortunately, the strengths of the gifted are not usually recognized or fostered in most schools today.  Giftedness expresses itself in many ways that can pose unexpected challenges for teachers and parents alike.  My mission is to raise awareness and curtail the unfortunate loss of potential in our brightest children.  My passion is to serve:

  • Families grappling to understand the essence of giftedness beyond school achievement.
  • Educators, therapists and parents seeking clarity to support healthy growth of children in their care
  • Exceptional children who yearn for understanding, guidance and relationship with those who support them to flourish.

It’s my privilege to partner with you to discover possibilities for your child and provide  optimal educational and emotional support.


Anne Beneventi