A Note from Anne Beneventi regarding GQA during Covid-19

Dear Parent(s):

Although it’s optimal for me to meet with children at home, due to COVID, I’m scheduling all assessments on Zoom. I know it can be difficult and may seem unnatural to be meeting over a screen, especially for young children. Ideally, I would like for them to speak to me, show me something they are interested in or give me a tour of their room, for instance. Please help facilitate this. It may be necessary, though, for me to speak to you to help your child warm up. Perhaps you can play with them a bit and just let me observe. Please don’t pressure your child to talk if they don’t want to. Whatever they do is truly OK.

I am really looking forward to meeting your children through Zoom. Please know that I am going to be completely flexible, and I know we can make this process work. Zoom evaluations are new to me as well, but with the few I have done so far, I am optimistic about getting to know your child— even in a virtual world.


Anne Beneventi