Preparing for GQA

Background Information:
While running the Roeper School for the Gifted with her husband, George for over 50 years, Annemarie realized that gifted children are qualitatively different from the norm. She developed Gifted Qualitative Assessment (GQA) to evaluate giftedness and broaden the definition of intellectual capacity, beyond language or mathematical ability, typically measured on IQ tests.  GQA looks at the emotional characteristics known to have a correlation to high intellectual functioning, such as intensities, sensitivities and intellectual curiosity or complexity.  I apprenticed with Annemarie Roeper for over a decade and am a Certified Master Practitioner of Gifted Qualitative Assessment and Director of the Annemarie Roeper Method of Gifted Qualitative Assessment.

Preparing for the Assessment:
Parents will fill out a form to provide background information for their child. Parts of this form is used with permission of the Gifted Development Center, of whom I’m an Associate. Either parent can fill out the form, except the Introversion/Extroversion section, which is to be completed by both parents about your child.  Please e-mail or fax the form to me at least 48 hours before our appointment and sooner is greatly appreciated.  Please also include previous IQ test results, if available.

I prefer to evaluate children in their homes, if possible, where children are usually most comfortable.  Please let your child know I am coming.  Tell them whatever is true and creates the least anxiety. You can tell them I like children like them and want to see what they are interested in.  You can tell them I am helping you find out how they learn or which school would be the best for them.  Keep it light.  This will not feel like a test to your child. Encourage them to show me whatever they choose but please don’t coach.

Meeting with your Child:
When I arrive at your home, I would like to spend time alone with your child, if and when they are comfortable.  Please help guide this process.  I am interested in the child’s agenda and will follow their lead.  I have no expectations and any way in which the child responds is acceptable.  We usually just talk and play for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Meeting with Parents:
Immediately following my session with the child, I meet with the parent(s) to share my observations and recommendations.  It’s important that we have the opportunity to speak without your child hearing the conversation.  If privacy is not possible, we need to schedule the parent meeting at another time.

The assessment takes 2-3 hours and I charge $250/hour plus travel. Payment is made at the time of our appointment.  I accept cash or check payable to me.

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to get to know your child and family.